Birds vs planes. Another bird loses and forces an emergency landing.

The bird strike in the skies above LaGuardia airport yesterday didn’t faze the passengers–they didn’t know it occurred. When American Airlines Flight 1256 was arriving from Miami, getting ready to land, it met up with some of our feathered friends. Good-bye birds. Also, good- bye nose gear hydraulic system

After landing, the pilot discovered that the system wasn’t working, thus the 737-800 had to be towed to a gate. Upon inspection, a large bird was discovered stuck in the landing gear. This story reminds me of when we were hitting pheasants right and left in North Dakota last summer.

As you have probably read a bit about, bird strikes are quite the concern. In this human vs the wild story, the humans are determined to win and killing off some of the birds is part of the solution. Scott’s post explains just how.

Kent Wien, Gadling’s beloved pilot extraordinaire provided this photo of his own bird vs plane experience. This gross occurrence happened on a final approach to Barbados last year. Paradise can be hell. Seeing this photo made me think too bad that I don’t have shot of my husband removing a pheasant from the grill of our car.