Those of you who cruise through your bookmarks and RSS feeds religiously every day are in for a surprise when you reach The travel site just relaunched it’s site, featuring an all new frontpage, reengineered for the web savvy reader of 2009. Our insider at Frommers, David Lytle, explains it as follows:

“We gave the site a facelift to make it even more visually appealing. The most significant change can be seen in our wider pages that allow us to accommodate large striking images and widgets that help us contextualize our content further. We didn’t mess with what already works on – lots and lots of in-depth current content to help travelers plan their trips, from our authors and our own savvy readers.”

And striking it is. The landing carousel of five, sweeping images now dominates the frontpage, and now you can directly and easily link to popular facets from Arthur Frommer’s personal blog to the volumes of information all stored within the pages of

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