Best bar in the world is not where you’d expect it

Lonely Planet and Singha beer released the results of their “best bar in the world” contest.

The winner is a small corner bar in the heart of Rotterdam called “De Witte Aap” (the white monkey).

I am at a total loss how this bar was able to reach the top spot – I have been there, and while it isn’t a bad bar, it’s miles away from being the best bar in the world.

In fact, there really isn’t anything special about this bar. They do offer regular live entertainment and the same assortment of beer and snacks that you’ll find at most decent Dutch bars, but compared to some of the amazing other bars around the world, De Witte Aap is nothing special.

When you check out the list of other bars that made the Lonely Planet lineup, you’ll understand why I’m surprised they made a fairly basic bar in Rotterdam their top pick. Oddly enough, De Witte Aap never appears on any other “best bars of Rotterdam” lineup.