Daily gear deals – $10 Bluetooth keyboard, $7 camera bag and more

Here are the hottest gadget deals for today, Friday July 3rd 2009. Remember, these deals are often only valid for one day, so act fast before they are gone.

Make entering text on your PDA much easier with this Bluetooth folding keyboard, for just $9.99 with free shipping! (Only works on Palm and Windows Mobile devices)

Carry your laptop safely and with style using this MPX Gear notebook backpack for $14.99 with free shipping

Quality bags for your camera don’t get much cheaper than this Olympus Digital SLR bag (with space for a camera and 2 lenses) for $7.56 (plus $6 shipping)

Play your iPod on your car stereo with this Belkin TuneBase iPod FM charger/transmitter for as low as $3.75 (plus about $4 shipping), browse down for other sellers where you’ll find the lowest price. Be aware that this won’t work on all iPod models.