Daily gear deals – $10 car emergency kit, camping kit and more

Here are the hottest gadget deals for today, Saturday July 4th 2009. Remember, these deals are often only valid for one day, so act fast before they are gone.

Not everyone is flying this summer, so be safe with this Sears WeatherHandler 44 piece car emergency kit for just $10. Order for in-store pickup to avoid shipping charges. Click here for this deal.

Walmart is selling a 2 person camping kit, consisting of a tent, 2 sleeping bags, a lamp, 2 folding chairs, 2 pads and 2 forks (yeah, weird eh!). I’m not going to pretend that this is suitable for your next trip up Mount Everest, but at $138 it is pretty decent value for the beginning camper. Shipping is just a buck. Click here for this deal.

This Archos 10″ Netbook
runs on a 1.6GHz processor and comes with a roomy 160GB hard drive. Windows XP Home is installed on it. Click here for this deal.

Ever arrived at your destination only to spend the first 10 minutes trying to remember the combination of your luggage lock? The Wordlock may be just what you need. This combination lock uses words instead of numbers to lock your bags, and is TSA compliant, all for just under $10. Click here for this deal.

And on behalf of the entire Gadling team, please let me wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July!