KeyToss updates their offering with mobile hotel searches

Late last year, we took a look at mobile information portal KeyToss. Back then, they were offering everything from flight status updates to the latest news through an easy to use mobile site.

Last month, KeyToss added hotel searches and reservations to their lineup, and after playing around with it for a bit, I’ve got to say that I am very impressed. The portal is extremely easy to use, and is filled with small touches that make it a breeze to find a hotel.

Things like being able to enter a check-in date or “days from today” mean you won’t be messing around on your phone to find what you need.

The site pulls information from which means you get access to their extensive database of hotel information, including photos, reviews, maps and of course any available discount rates.

You can make a reservation on your phone using a 2 step form, or if you plan to make multiple reservations you can add all your information to your KeyToss secure wallet and breeze through the booking process without having to dig up your credit card for each booking.

When you find a hotel deal, you are presented with all the fees and fine print involved with the price. All in all a fantastic update to an already impressive site. If you are regularly on the road, I highly recommend adding to your mobile bookmarks.