Gadling Exclusive: Blickling Hall to open 17th century cabinet!

The dates have finally been announced! I know there are at least a few people out there who have been dying to know when Blickling Hall would open the doors to its famous 17th century cabinet. The designs on the inside, I’m told, are a sight to be hold, yet so rare that even the National Trust volunteer working the room had only seen it in photos.

The doors of the cabinet will be opened from Wednesday, October 14, 2009 through Friday, October 19, 2009 – from 11 AM to 5 PM – according to a comment left by Claire Graves, of the National Trust. If all goes well, the gentleman who showed me the photos will be around to see the real thing this year.

While you’re at Blickling Hall, be sure to ask about the footman and the odd man (particularly the latter). All joking aside, the gardens outside are nothing short of stunning. Inside, however, every answer raises only more questions, such as, “Why didn’t the footman return to his £1-a-week job after serving in World War II?” and “What did people do for exercise in the 17th century?”

This announcement is the first of its kind, from what I’m told, as the doors are usually opened without fanfare … so, you saw it at Gadling first.