Gadlinks for Tuesday, 7.7.09

You’re wondering, “Hey Gadling, what else is going on in the travel world?” Well, have a look…

  • Tim Patterson offers 10 Good Reasons to Take a Gap Year Before College. Check out Gadling’s interview with Tim here.
  • Unintended consequences, much? Colombian government pays soldiers for bodies of dead FARC members; instead receives dead innocents dressed up in FARC uniforms.
  • Looking for culture? Adventure? Outdoor activities? Why not Afghanistan?
  • Over at World Hum, the great David Farley shares one of the not-so-pleasant aspects of being a travel writer. And read Rolf Potts’ just-posted interview with David here.
  • Robert McNamara, Defense Secretary under Presidents Kennedy and Johnson and the “architect” of the Vietnam War, died yesterday. McNamara also served as head of the World Bank from 1968 to 1981.
  • How can El Paso, a comparatively poor, high-immigration town located just across the border from super-violent Juarez, be one of the safest cities in the United States?

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