Announcing Gadling’s “Perfect Road Trip” Contest

There’s something transcendental about zooming along wildflower-rimmed country roads with the top on your convertible down. Fresh spring air, ripe with morning dew, floods your nostrils and tossles your hair. Hulking, weeping fig trees, thick with Spanish moss, sway in the breeze like a feathered boa on a dancing woman, and the sun — cresting the canopy of the roadside trees — plays hide-and-seek in the ripples of the nearby river.

Troubles at home? Far removed. Stressed from work? No longer. All that matters is the here and the now — driving along gorgeous back-country roads, mercifully traffic-free.

If road trips delight you, then Gadling’s “Perfect Road Trip” contest will make you ecstatic. We’re partnering with Cadillac to send one lucky winner (and a friend!) on his or her perfect road trip, all expenses paid. All you have to do is tell us your favorite road trip, and if you’re selected as the winner, Cadillac will provide —

  • airfare for you and a friend from your home(s) to the start of your road trip destination;
  • a new Cadillac SRX to drive for the duration of the road trip (sorry, you have to give it back at the end of the trip);
  • money for fuel and expenses along the way (think: hotel and meals);
  • airfare from the road trip’s end point back to your home.

Here’s how the contest works —

  1. Tomorrow, we’ll publish a post in which you can leave a comment telling us about your favorite road trip. ENTER HERE!
  2. You don’t have to have been on the road trip before — it can be one you’re dreaming about — but try to be specific. Make us drool over your imagined itinerary. (Hint: the prize will be available in September, so try to think of a relevant destination — and that destination must be in the Continental US.)
  3. You can only leave one road trip suggestion, so choose wisely. Successive road trip ideas will remain visible on the site, however, for other people to dream about.
  4. Gadling’s road trip gurus will choose the 5 best road trip ideas from those left in the comments.
  5. We’ll present Gadling’s readers with the list, and they’ll vote on which is the best road trip — and therefore, who should be the winner of the contest.

In the meantime, pull on your thinking caps and driving gloves, decide where you would go on your perfect road trip, and cruise the gallery below to see the new Cadillac SRX.