– It’s like having a travel agent you don’t have to talk to

We always try to let you know when there’s a great new way to find travel deals, and DealBase is one of the best yet.

The fashionistas among you may be familiar with a site called — this is that for travel. I’ll explain.

Basically, you go to and tell them what you want. Four or more star hotels in Vegas for under $300? Any hotel in New York for under $100? Whatever you’re looking for, you can customize your preferences into their system. Then, not only will they search immediately for deals for you or trips that match your criteria — they’ll e-mail you a “Deal Alert” if when they find another one!

“In this time of amazing travel deals, everyone wants to be the first to know about the best savings and insider discounts,” says Sam Shank, CEO. “’s comprehensive deal alerts empowers travelers by sending relevant offers and insider savings opportunities, so you can get these deals before they sell out.”

We think this is awesome. It’s like, the laziest easiest way to search for travel you can afford ever, especially since it often doesn’t matter when you travel — you’re just waiting for the right deal. If there’s somewhere you’ve always wanted to go, but think you can’t afford, plug in the details and who knows? Maybe two months from now, a deal will pop up!

So, go set up your DealBase account already.