Hollywood Roosevelt pool comes alive at night

When is a pool more than just a pool? When you’re staying at the Hollywood Roosevelt in Los Angeles. Continuing Gadling’s Hotel Month coverage, I’m here to tell you about how the Hollywood Roosevelt has taken their gorgeous pool space and turned it into a hot spot for evening activities. Since most hotels don’t allow for night swimming, I was confused when I was told about the Hollywood Roosevelt’s rich schedule of events by the pool. But silly me, I assumed that all you can do at the pool is swim. One should never assume, and the Hollywood Roosevelt’s calendar of events taught me that lesson.

Perhaps the coolest event at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s pool is Movie Monday. Every week, a different celebrity or filmmaker hosts a viewing. A large screen is set up poolside and, after the sun sets, the fun starts. The featured host shares explains to the attendees why they have selected that movie and why its so special to them. Then everyone cozies up enjoys the film. Something about having the sky above and palm trees all around you makes a multiplex seem unnecessary.

Tuesdays are swim nights. Yes, one night a week the hotel allows night swimming. Resident and guest DJs provide the soundtrack while people frolic in the romantically lit pool.

On Thursday, guests can scope out the scene at Hollywoodland: the hotel’s weekly homage to old Hollywood. As you drink poolside, music plays and synchronized swimmers perform. While the rest of LA attempts to be trendy, the Hollywood Roosevelt harkens back to a classier time in the town’s history.

On the weekends, the pool provides the scenery for patrons at the Tropicana, the hotel’s outdoor bar. Wednesday’s are left open for events and private parties.

It seems as if there’s always something going on at the Hollywood Roosevelt’s pool. You could start your day basking in the sun and end it watching a movie, taking a dip or just drinking the night away. The next morning you’ll realize that you never left the pool. And you’ll be OK with that.