Swim with wild pigs on Big Major Spot Island, Bahamas

Are pigs the new dolphins? While many visitors to the Caribbean shell out big bucks to swim with Flipper, it seems others would rather watch the antics of Porky. On the Bahamas‘ Big Major Spot Island, people are heading to Pig Beach, which has been home to a family of wild pigs for decades, to watch the pigs swim and play in the water.

The little pink and brown porkers, which I dare say are almost downright cute, scrounge off roots and brush on the beach, but survive mainly on scraps fed to them by locals and tour guides. Though the pigs are feral, they’ll happily swim out to greet passing boats and are friendly to swimmers and beach-goers. The piggies are so popular with tourists that many nearby resorts now offer day trips to go watch the pigs frolic and give guests the chance to cavort in the crystal clear water alongside them.

[via Jaunted]