Paris most overrated city in the world – Parisians told to start smiling more

The poor French just can’t get a break – back in May, their capital was voted “most overrated in the world” by TripAdvisor, and most recently first they were voted “worst tourists in the world“.

Tourism in Paris is down a whopping 17%, and the French Tourism Bureau thinks it might have something to do with the lack of smiling Parisians.

The folks behind the campaign are asking people to put on their happy faces so tourists don’t feel the city is full of rude and obnoxious residents.

To help things along, they have even hired “smile ambassadors” who will be working around the more popular attractions in the city, and will hopefully help brighten up the atmosphere.

To me, the lack of smiles in Paris isn’t as annoying as the attitude from their cab drivers. I suggest Paris starts paying attention to those people instead of telling residents to “smile”.