JetAirways is FINE

In an airlines story faux pas, in a post this past Sunday, I inadvertently switched airlines putting Jet Airways as stopping service instead of JetAmerica. Rats! Then Zachary, a faithful Gadling reader, after dragging himself up from the floor after his heart attack from wondering if his trip to Barcelona is not happening after all, had enough energy left to pop me a comment telling me of my GRAVE error. Thanks to Zachary’s quick thinking, the post was updated almost perfectly. I left one Jet Airways in the text. Double rats! (It has since been fixed.)

Yesterday was National Get Out of the Dog House Day. In an attempt to get myself out of the doghouse, here’s a PROFUSE apology to Jet Airways and any reader who may have wondered if it was April Fools Day all over again or if life had been ruined once more by an airlines pulling up stakes. And if Gadling had lost its mind. No Gadling didn’t lose its mind. I did. But my mind has been recovered.

So to recap. Jet Airways is FINE. Jet Airways is FINE. Jet America is possibly regrouping and might fly in the future in some capacity at some location. The people who bought tickets on Jet America in hopes of an inexpensive trip out of Toledo– and a few other locations are to get their money refunded. I suggest they take the refund money and try Greyhound. Greyhound is like the post office. Somehow the package gets delivered and tickets are inexpensive to downright cheap. It may take awhile, but you’ll get where you want to go.