Peter Graves discusses Gogo Inflight Internet etiquette on AirTran – gladiator jokes included

For anyone in the air a lot, Peter Graves is probably a bit of a cult hero. His role as Captain Oveur in Airplane! is one of my all time favorites.

So, when I came across Peter Graves (and a couple of other celebs) explaining “Internetiquette” on board AirtTan flights with the Gogo Inflight service, I just had to share them with you.

The site has three hilarious clips and a guidebook, and even if you don’t plan to fly AirTran any time soon, I highly recommend making some time to watch them – you won’t regret it (unless of course, you hate Airplane! and Peter Graves).

All joking aside – their Internetiquette guide actually provides some common sense tips about online security and the kind of photos you shouldn’t be looking at in public. Enjoy!