Pet hotels for the truly insane true pet lovers

Hotel month wouldn’t be complete without a rundown of animal houses — you get a vacation, so why shouldn’t your pet?

The photo above is a pet hotel in Michigan called The Dog House – The Ultimate Dog Retreat at Grand Traverse Resort & Spa. The guest dogs enjoy filtered water, walks with the professionally trained staff, a cage-free environment, and private, outdoor play areas. It’s a great way to not have to worry about your pets on your vacation — just bring them with you and let them get pampered, too! The Muse Hotel in NYC is another pet-friendly institution, complete with bones and a pretty doggie bowl.

How do you get your pets to these pet-friendly hotels? Well, some airlines will allow you to bring your dog with you in the cabin, and there’s also Pet Airways, which will fly your pooch for $150 – $300 without you (warning: they don’t go to Michigan yet).

Do you think we can get some pets to join The Laviators Club?

Anyway, you can find a lot of pet-friendly hotels on the net (start here), but for the pet who truly deserves the best? Take them to France. Hotel Fouquet’s Barrière is an unmatched destination for spoiling your shmoopie. Not only is it Paris’ newest five star luxury hotel, but here’s what your pets will get:

  • Deluxe plush pet bed in-room upon arrival
  • Special baskets, bowls and dishes
  • Mats embroidered with pet’s name, placed next to owner’s bed (I mean, seriously??)
  • Vittel water upon arrival
  • Meals (available via room service) of gourmet fish, chicken or beef accompanied by wild rice, steamed vegetables or homemade pasta
  • Selection of special toys

… and all for free. If I happen to go to that hotel? I’m gonna tell them I have a pet. And that it’s named after me. So that I can have a mat with my name embroidered on it and some special toys.

Forget boarding your “baby” next time you need to get away; send them on a vacation of their own.