Worst jobs in the world in Hamilton Island

The lazy Brit who’s supposed to be blogging has it made, having won what is billed as “the best job in the world.” But, the many people working on the island, according to a construction union rep are far from living the good life. Hell, he likens it to Alcatraz – before it stopped being a prison, I imagine.

The workers are engaged to develop the island’s yacht club. Currently, they’re being housed in Palm Valley, which has been called “vastly inadequate.” Up to six people are being stuffed into four-person apartments, and the rooms themselves are small. The union claims that the living conditions are in breach of the original terms.

Elsewhere on Hamilton Island, the best job in the world involves a hefty salary relative to the obligations and nice digs in a luxury villa.

So, what does Park View Group CEO Geg Thompson – the man who writes the checks – say about this? Nobody’s forcing the workers to stay.