European survey says “bugs in the room” the worst hotel experience

European hotel booking site Trivago just released the results of their “worst hotel experience” survey. In total, 4,876 people were included in the survey, from 8 different countries.

The results are actually quite surprising, as 22% of the respondents put “bugs in the room” at the top spot.

And now I think about it, my worst ever hotel experience was indeed bug related. At a hotel in Spain, I lay in bed watching in horror as a whole bunch of cockroaches made their way up onto my nightstand. The hotel management removed them, but I don’t think I slept much for the rest of my vacation.

Other annoyances include theft, noise, bad food, bad staff and get this – chlorine poisoning from the pool.

After the jump, the complete results of the survey. Don’t forget to add your own “worst hotel experience” to the comments!