Ports and airports in Majorca closed after bomb kills two

The Spanish government has sealed off the island of Majorca after a terrorist bomb attack killed two officers of the Guardia Civil. This comes a day after a bomb targeted Spain’s national police force in Burgos, another destination frequented by tourists. Both attacks occurred outside Guardia Civil barracks.

The attacks are suspected to be the work of ETA, a terrorist group that seeks an independent Basque homeland in Spain’s northern region and which will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its founding on Friday.

The blast happened just before 2pm local time in Palmanova. The two officers were parked in their patrol car close to where the blast went off. Several other people are reported injured. The Spanish government rushed to close all departure points from the island in order to keep the terrorists from escaping. Spanish media has reported that the main airport, Palma, has since reopened.