Are you a bartender? Win a trip to Oktoberfest!

Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur is holding its first-ever bartender competition this year on September 15. Haven’t heard of Bärenjäger? That’s okay, I hadn’t either.

It’s a 35 percent alcohol liqueur which was originally developed by medieval woodland warriors to aid them in the catching and killing of bears. I’m serious. They called it “meschkinnes.” And Bärenjäger means “Bear Hunter.” It’s now made in Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula (“where the sticky substance is especially aromatic”) and imported by Sidney Frank (Jägermeister, Tommy Bahama Rum).

So. How will this get you to Oktoberfest? Well, if you’re a NY resident, be available for the competition September 15 — but first sign up by August 25 on their website, where all the rules and regulations are available. If you’re not a bartender, but happen to be in NY? That’s cool, it’s open to all NY residents, 21 and over.

If you’re not a NY resident, send this article to your mixologist friends who are — the trip is all expense paid for two.