Tuesday Travel Trivia (Week 41)

Tuesday Travel Trivia is on location this week, coming at you from Lago de Atitlán, a beautiful lake in Guatemala surrounded by volcanos and small towns. The only drawback? This funky keyboard takes me twice as long to type.

Congratulations to last week’s big trivia winners, who managed to navigate their way through ten pretty tough questions. I didn’t even know the answers to some of them, and I wrote the damn things.

Want to become this week’s trivia champ? Check out the following ten brain-busters and write your answers in the comments. Good luck!

  1. What U.S. National Landmark was administered by the country’s Lighthouse Board until 1902? (Thanks to Ken Jennings for this question.)
  2. What Pennsylvania town calls itself the “Sweetest Place on Earth”?
  3. The United States is actually one of two countries with a capital city named for a U.S. president. What is the other?
  4. In June 1985, an Afghan girl named Sharbat Gula was pictured on a now-famous cover of what magazine?
  5. Many upscale hotels offer their guests turn-down service. What does this service usually include?
  6. The Iberian Peninsula is mostly made up of what two countries?
  7. Chinggis Khaan International Airport serves what world capital?
  8. What airline’s slogan proclaims itself “the wings of Italy”?
  9. Which U.S. state flew its flag at half-mast on the day of the funeral for the late, great musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole?
  10. The National Football League’s Buffalo Bills recently struck an agreement with what neighboring Canadian city to allow that city to host five regular season Bills’ games for the next five years?

Last week’s questions and answers are after the jump…

  1. The national dish of Hungary is what rich beef stew flavored with paprika? Answer: Goulash
  2. Sacha Baron Cohen’s flamboyant character Brüno is said to be from Central European country? Answer: Austria
  3. In what African country was the photo above taken? Answer: Tanzania
  4. When would a car rental agency typically add a “drop charge” to a person’s bill? Answer: When the car is dropped off in a different location from where it was picked up.
  5. When facing forward on a boat, which side is starboard and which side is port? Answer: Starboard is right, port is left.
  6. What Irish playwright born in 1856 once said, “I dislike feeling at home when I am abroad”? Answer: George Bernard Shaw
  7. Rhodes, Heraklion, Patras, and Ioannina are cities in what European country? Answer: Greece
  8. Sioux Gateway Airport in South Dakota goes by what unfortunate three-letter airport code? Answer: SUX
  9. A caipirinha, made from cachaça, sugar, and lime, is the national cocktail of what South American nation? Answer: Brazil (shouldn’t every country have a national cocktail?)
  10. What is the official currency of Denmark? Answer: the kroner