More terrorist bombs in Majorca

Three small bombs exploded today in Majorca, in a coordinated attack claimed by the terrorist group ETA. There were no injuries.

The first bomb went off in the bathroom of an Italian restaurant and bar next to the beach in Palma de Majorca. Another was detonated nearby by police in a controlled explosion. Shortly thereafter, a third bomb exploded in the town square. ETA, a terrorist group that wants an independent state in Spain’s Basque region, gave a warning that the bombs were going to explode and police were able to evacuate everyone in time.

This comes less than two weeks after two other bombs by ETA, one against Guardia Civil in Majorca that left two officers killed, and another against a Guardia Civil apartment building in Burgos that left dozens with minor injuries.

ETA has killed more than 800 people in the past fifty years and often targets popular tourist destinations like Majorca and Burgos in order to undermine the Spanish economy.