SkyMall Monday: Walk-O-Long

Shockingly, I do not have any children…that I know of. Sure, they’re cute and cuddly and can fetch you a beer when you don’t want to step away from the television. But, in these modern times, they’re also coddled, spoiled and, quite frankly, a tad too cocky. Now that they can control their own nosebleeds and traverse even the most demanding terrains, there’s just no stopping their egos from growing beyond our control. Children used to be humble and obedient. Today, they text their parents with demands for Super Sweet Sixteens. We’ve lost control of our children (well, your children). That’s why I’ve decided that the time has come for adults to once again assert our dominance. For those of us with drivers licenses, voting rights and porn purchasing power to rise up, stand tall and crush those sniveling rugrats once and for all. Since this is a new problem that I just realized we have, there is clearly only one source that could possibly provide us with the necessary assistance. I am referring, of course, to SkyMall. But how can SkyMall help us destroy the spirits of countless children? It is but a catalog of fantastical goods. Well, did you know that SkyMall sells the single greatest product for psychological warfare against children? Oh, yes, my adult comrades, it is true. I give you the Walk-O-Long.

How does it work, you ask? You’re just chock full of questions today, aren’t you? You see, the Walk-O-Long is a foam and nylon leash that connects to a harness that you strap onto your child. Watch from a convenient-and forced-close proximity as your child’s self-esteem, freedom and imagination slowly whither away. With their ability to run free and believe in their self-worth sufficiently destroyed, children will cede control and adults will finally return to power.

Not sure that the Walk-O-Long is up to the task? Lest you doubt my selection of this child-destroyer, I’m happy to share this information from the product description:

Made of super strong flat nylon webbing used by firefighters with built-in comfy handles to fit every adult grip.

It fits every adult grip! That includes both kung-fu and Super Poli!

So, are you with me? Will you join the resistance? Then put on your camouflage underpants, pack a lunch and purchase the Walk-O-Long. It’s about time children stopped being treasured and started being tethered.

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