New Samsung digital cameras make “say cheese” a lot more fun

Samsung just announced 2 new cameras for their 2009 lineup. Now, new cameras are launched virtually every day, so it takes some creativity from the manufacturer to grab my attention. Which is exactly what Samsung managed to achieve.

The first camera, the CL65 (above on the left) is packed full of smart features. It has Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS. The Bluetooth allows you to send photos to other Bluetooth devices, like printers or mobile phones. The WiFi allows for direct uploads to Facebook, Picasa and Youtube. And finally, the GPS geotags your photos, storing the location you took it. The camera also offers HD video recording. HDMI output and oh yeah, it also takes 12.2 megapixel photos.

The second newcomer is the TL220/TL225. For the first time in any point-and-shoot camera, someone added a display to the front of the device. Sounds stupid? Well, I for one think it is brilliant. Anyone who has ever tried to grab the attention of an infant knows how hard it can be to photograph them. But imagine a clown or smiley face on the front! In addition to this, it can also help with self portraits or couples photos, for those times you don’t want to ask a stranger to help with your photos.

You can learn more about these new cameras (including pricing) over at Engadget (CL65 and TL220/TL225)
Update: Engadget has posted a hands-on with both cameras