The PR nightmare for United Airlines continues with “United breaks guitars (song 2)”

The PR nightmare that is “United Airlines breaks guitars” has resulted in a second video. As a quick reminder; United Airlines screwed up by not only breaking a valuable guitar, but also by completely failing to take responsibility for the incident.

The first video has been viewed just under 5 million times, in part thanks to its catchy tune. The second video was just released to Youtube, and while it features the same kind of funny lyrics, it just isn’t as awesome as part 1.

Still, with each new song, United Airlines gets a new reminder that they screwed up.

Consumer travel advocate Chris Elliott recently sat down with the United Airlines VP for customer contact centers, and discussed what kind of impact the video had on them, and what lessons (if any) they learned from how social media can bite you in the backside.

The other lesson in these video clips is that scoring one massive viral Youtube hit isn’t hard, but scoring a second one will be near impossible.