Top Five Whale Watching Destinations in America

Ever wonder what the big deal is about whale watching? Well then, my guess is that you haven’t been whale watching.

Whale watching is a serene and eco-friendly activity. Actually seeing a whole darn whale in its own habitat is truly astonishing, and will fill you with wonder. What’s more, whales will often “play” with whale watchers — they know you’re watching, and it turns out they’re kind of into that. They come up to the surface and say hello, breaching and waving at you with their unique-like-snowflakes flukes.

If you’re the kind of person who can watch fishing or golf, whale watching will rock you to the core. Kidding, kidding — but it can be a lot of sitting around for just a few minutes of splendor, or worse: Sometimes you pay for a whale watching tour and see no whales at all. Still, whale watching has actually become more profitable than “whale whacking” in recent years. According to, Australian Minister for the Environment Peter Garrett has said: “Whales are worth more alive than dead!”

You don’t have to go to Australia or Portugal to watch whales (though those are great places to do it). These five American states have it all — scenery, weather, and a really good chance of seeing whales.