Work at a winery in New Zealand

Working while you travel is one way to fund time away from home. In New Zealand, turn to wineries for seasonal possibilities.

According to Horticulture New Zealand, a Website dedicated to New Zealand’s commercial fruit and vegetable growers, for those who don’t mind a bit of physical labor, opportunities abound to earn money thanks to New Zealand’s wines. Plant, prune, pick, and pack are the four P’s that help fuel the wine industry. Each job can be had depending upon the region where you want to head, the time of the year, and your level of expertise.

From February to May, for example, the demand for workers is extremely high in Hawke’s Bay, but other regions don’t need many workers at all. To help locate where you might find work, check out this link for the calendar that features the regions and the numbers of people needed for each month.

Another Web site, PickNZ, offers contact information to help you land that wine related job. While you’re working, envision those places in New Zealand you can head to come pay day. In the evening, soothe your aching muscles by enjoying a glass or two of New Zealand’s finest.

For more working in winery information, check out this Travelers Notebook post. Although it’s from 2007, the links within it led me to the above info. An important detail not to miss is the need for a New Zealand tax identification number if winery work is in your future.