Take your music traveling

Remember when you used to see guys walking around the beach with monster stereos blaring on their shoulders? Fortunately (or unfortunately, if you were into that), those days are behind us. The advent of iPods and MP3 players has made traveling with music a lot easier — but it you want to have your music blaring for all to hear, you’re gonna need some portable speakers.

Fortunately, iHome has a whole line of travel-friendly speakers which fit iPods and iPhones and any player that works with a basic music cable. The speakers power your Apple accessories while they playing, and some are perfect for the beach: Splash-proof and battery-operated.

I’ve tried out several of the iHome products and actually use their Bose-rivaling speakers in my very own kitchen. I made it my mission to find out which products travel the best — check out our fave five in the gallery below.