Newest bogus airport threat – suspicious powders

By now most people passing through the airport are aware of the dangers of liquids. I’m sure you know to carry your tiny bottles in a TSA specified plastic baggie. So, now that threat has been neutralized, it is time to move on to the next one – powders.

Because the TSA discovered that certain kinds of powder can be used in the creation of improvised explosive devices, they are going to start screening for suspicious containers of powder.

Airports have been outfitted with new equipment for testing powered substances, and the TSA wants you to know that a small percentage of these products will be selected for additional screening. If they detect anything explosive, it won’t be allowed past security.

The official TSA blog is quick to admit that they don’t have any specific threats that triggered the new measures, but felt the need to introduce these new measures anyway. Their logic is that they want to stay ahead of any emerging threats. To me, it all sounds a lot like someone got bored, and wanted to come up with a new way to remind us that the world is still a dangerous place.

So, let it be a warning – leave your explosive baby powder at home, and be prepared for more reasons for airport security to pull you aside for a secondary screening.

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