Daily gear deals – $60 portable DVD player, $15 laptop charger and more

Here are the hottest gear deals for today, Thursday September 17th 2009. Remember, these deals are often only valid for just one day, so act fast before they are gone.

Today’s first deal is for a 7″ portable DVD kit. The kit includes the player itself, a car mounting bracket, carrying case, power adapters and video cables. On sale at “ScoobyDeal” for $59.95, plus $5 for shipping. Click here for this deal.

If you need a second charger, or just want to trade in your current laptop charger for something thinner (and lighter), head on over to Frys.com for the Kensington K38052R laptop charger. It comes with an assortment of power tips for most popular brands, and is on sale for just $15, with free shipping. Click here for this deal.

Next up is the Garmin Forerunner 50. This watch communicates with the (included) heart rate monitor and foot pod to track your performance. It measures your distance and speed, your heart rate and can communicate with your PC when you are done with your workout, sending the data to the Garmin software. On sale for just $99. Click here for this deal.

And finally in today’s lineup, “steepandcheap.com” is selling an adventure first aid kit for $20. The kit contains all the items you need for the minor things that can go wrong when on an outdoors adventure. On sale for $19.99. Click here for this deal.