Where to eat the “best foods in the world”

Want to know where to find the world’s best sushi? How about the world’s best steak? Got a hankerin’ for a great kebab? Then check out a new article in The Guardian called “The 50 best foods in the world and where to eat them,” and you’ll discover that you should be heading to Daiwa Sushi in Tokyo, El Carpicho in Spain, and Bade Miya in Mumbai, respectively.

Of course, lists like these– whether it’s the 10 best beaches in the world or the 10 worst dictators in the world— should always be taken with a big grain of salt (get it?). But it’s still interesting to check out the recommendations and surprises from some of the world’s best (there we go again!) chefs, food critics, and restauranteurs. Here are a couple of the more surprising suggestions from the article:

  • Best place to eat pizza — Frank Pepe Pizzeria in New Haven, Connecticut

“You could generate enough heat to fuel a brick oven with the argument over which country bakes the world’s best pizza: Italy, where the concept originated, or America, where it was globalised. Neapolitan purists will make pilgrimages to hotspots such as La Sorrentina, outside Naples, whose chef has won the prestigious Naples Pizza Championship, but we contend that the upstart Yanks do it better.”

  • Best place to buy olive oil — Turkish embassy electrical supplies in London

“The most unlikely olive oil vendor in the world? At his electrical supply shop in London’s Clerkenwell, Mehmet Murat sells wonderful, intensely fruity oil from his family’s olive groves in Cyprus and south-west Turkey. Now he imports more than a 1,000 litres per year. His lemon-flavoured oil is good enough to drink on its own.”

  • Best place to eat ice cream — Corrado Costanza in Noto, Sicily

“The legend about Romans making the earliest ice creams from the snows of Mount Etna may be apocryphal, but Sicily is still the best place for frozen treats in gelato-crazed Italy, and Italian ice cream, as everybody knows, is the finest in the world.”

Whole thing here. Let the second-guessing begin in the comments…