Gadlinks for Friday 9.18.09

I’m both happy and sad that it’s Friday: happy because this begins my final weekend on the mainland before I head home after two months of travel; sad because I have to say goodbye to my adorable nephew. Every Friday brings something new and exciting, so does the world and so do these interesting reads for this Friday installment of Gadlinks. Enjoy!

  • I love traveling to remote places in the world. Here’s just a sneak peek at a few of Earth’s final frontiers. [via Open Travel]
  • Even grown adults (such as myself) can’t get enough of Harry Potter, so to quench that thirst a bit Universal Studios in Orlando is opening a Harry Potter Theme Park next spring complete with a Hogwarts School, Hog’s Head Pub, and more. Hooray! [via Faster Times]
  • Maybe it’s because my cousins are on a safari of their own that I happened upon this. Check out these 6 ways to see endangered species without endangering them anymore. [via Treehugger]
  • And finally, if you’re brave enough and have the stomach enough, then give these weird foods from around the world a try. [via BootsNAll]

‘Til Monday, have a great weekend!

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