Dexim P-Flip iPhone battery doubles as a portable dock

There are quite a few iPhone/iPod touch battery packs on the market. They vary from the dull and mundane to the creative and innovative.

The new Dexim P-Flip folding power dock clearly falls in the latter. It is part battery pack, part charging dock and part syncing dock, all in one unit. It is available in three “flavors”:

  • The DCA165 includes the P-Flip dock and a 2000 mAh battery pack. It comes complete with an AC adapter and USB cable.
  • The DCA132 offers the same battery power, but comes in matte black, pearl black, pink, gold and silver.

The first of the docks (the DCA165) is available right now from Brookstone for $69.95. The battery inside the P-Flip is powerful enough to add about 8 hours of talk time to your device (or up to 15 hours of video / 80 hours of audio playback).

The best part of these docks is that they use a standard MiniUSB port for charging the battery, powering your iPod and syncing it, which means you can leave your iPod cable at home, and rely solely on the P-Flip.

By sitting the iPod upright (or on its side), you can also use it with one of the many alarm clock programs available from the app store, which means you can also leave your travel alarm at home.. The P-Flip works with all versions of the iPhone and iPod Touch.