Gadlinks for Tuesday 9.22.09

Hey there, Gadling faithful. Here’s a look at what’s going on in the travel world today…

  • World Hum chats with “burly culinary adventurer” Andrew Zimmern about his new show Bizarre World.
  • Brave New Traveler debunks some myths about the future of airline travel, including pay toilets (which I defended here), standing-room-only “seats”, and the 1,000-passenger plane.
  • This article could also be titled “The 7 best places in the world for me to crap my pants.”
  • The Onion reports on a new national parks website that threatens to make actual national parks obsolete. Also from The Onion, Haiti appears to be making a bid for the 2216 Olympics.
  • Slate offers some great photos of Ramadan from around the world, with an accompanying article here. The month-long Muslim holiday ended a few days ago.

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