Best hotel for traveling alone in Singapore – Quincy

The Quincy Hotel has got to be one of the most surprising hotels I’ve ever visited.

Knowing nothing other than that it was a somewhat modern boutique hotel, I arrived midday on a Sunday to be greeted with a card featuring a hand-drawn picture of myself (they Googled me), and a tour of their small but well-equipped premises. They may be a modest-sized hotel, but they have a totally stacked exercise room, a full wood sauna and a steam room, and their 12th floor pool is totally awesome (underwater windows!).

The guest rooms are somewhat small, but for someone traveling alone, the size is more than adequate. All the rooms are the same price with small variations in color and window style — mine had beautiful charcoal bricks and a large window with a comfortable window seat. The location, while not scenic, is extremely convenient to attractions like the shopping Mecca that is Orchard Road; you can walk there.

The rooms have transparent showers — you can pull down a curtain, but if you don’t, you can see through the shower to the toilet from bed! This is to give the rooms a more spacious feel. The bathrooms are chic and very clean, and have a full supply of Molton Brown products (yum). The rooms also all have 40″ flat screen TVs and exposed hookups for everything from your laptop to a Playstation. There’s a secret wall in the room which contains a very secret ironing board, and a fridge stocked with snacks and drinks — which brings us to one of the reasons this hotel is so great for lone travelers: it’s all-inclusive.

The Quincy Hotel’s all inclusive nightly rates include a limousine from the airport, free breakfast, lunch and dinner, unlimited free alcoholic bevvies from 6-8 PM, Carlsberg Lager all day in your fridge, laundry (!!), coffee, local calls, internet and more. The complimentary meals at designated times give the hotel the feeling of an upscale hostel — all the guests come out of their rooms to dine together, and it’s easy to make friends. Especially during cocktail hour.

Check out the gallery for photos of this fabulous hotel, whose kitschy-cool decor includes silly photos of staff members in the elevators and LOLcats in the lobby. Rates start at $228 per night; additional charges apply for additional guests — just because it’s perfect for traveling alone doesn’t mean you won’t want to bring a friend if you’ve got one handy! Visit the Quincy website for special promotions.
This trip was paid for by the Singapore Board of Tourism, but the views expressed within the post are 100% my own.