TSA misses another “forgotten” loaded gun

Apparently all the security equipment in the world can’t fix stupidity and poor screening. A transfer passenger was arrested at Tokyo’s Narita airport last week when security staff found a loaded gun and ammo in his carry-on luggage.

The man was on his way from Dallas to Bangkok, passing through Narita.

The passenger told local authorities that he “forgot” he was still carrying his gun. This obviously means someone at Dallas Airport screwed up.

I’m not entirely sure how a gun and ammo don’t show up on the X-Ray screen. Airport security is supposed to be in place to prevent terrorists and stupid people from bringing a gun on our flights.

Japanese gun laws are extremely strict, and it would not surprise me if the passenger will spend a couple of weeks in a Japanese jail while the police investigate the matter. I’m sure they’ll be sending a nastygram to their US counterparts, politely requesting that they pay a little more attention to guns and a little less attention to bottles of water.

(Photo from Flickr/CC Kevitivity)