Travel footwear review: Terrasoles Tuckerman Canvas

It’s pretty obvious that a pair of shoes can make or break your trip. You rarely notice the impact that great shoes can have, but a bad decision will haunt you every time you take a step. If you walk a lot, as I do, the effects are magnified. So, I put the Terrasoles Tuckerman Canvas through hell. My five mile daily commute (roundtrip) is just the start of what I did to these shoes, as I put more than 500 miles on them in searing heat and pouring rain. And yes, as the Proclaimers would say, I’d walk 500 more. It’s rare that I find a pair of shoes that I like – and that can withstand what I do to them – and the Tuckermans are among the best I’ve worn.

A bit of context: a pair of shoes tends to last me only three or four months. By then, they are torn, frayed and sporting holes in the soles. I’ll try to squeeze an extra month, at which point it’s time to throw them out. I abuse footwear, and I was suspicious of the lightweight outdoor-oriented shoes from Terrasoles. Anything designed for heavy outdoor use – for the adventure travel guys – rarely holds up against the conditions of the urban jungle. Climbing and hiking are nothing compared to the effects of Manhattan pavement pounding. A pair of standard issue combat boots, the most enduring and reliable shoes I’ve ever owned, didn’t last half a year … and they were designed for war!

The Terrasoles Tuckermans performed as well as my other favorites – the product used by the U.S. Army – and at half a year, it’s time for a new pair. But, that comes with plenty of normal use on top of more than 500 miles of “commute” walking. With every step, they were light and comfortable, like a second pair of socks but with much more support. Initially concerned that I’d feel every pebble and crack in the sidewalk, I was pleasantly surprised by what turned out to be a pain-free experience. The soles provided a sufficient barrier between my feet and the ground.

The design is as flexible as the use of these shoes. They can be worn in any number of conditions – from urban to outdoor – and social settings. Simple and elegant, I routinely wore them to work and even with a suit (though I doubt normal people would do this).

The canvas Terrasoles Tuckermans are versatile and comfortable – and they will last. It doesn’t take long to break them in, so you’ll be comfortable from the start, wherever your travels take you.