Can travel really be eco-friendly? A closer look

One of the biggest moral struggles of the modern traveler comes when considering environmental impact. With today’s high tech search engines and rock bottom prices, it’s easier than ever to hopscotch around the planet, but to what detriment? How much needless carbon is produced by a weekend jaunt to Brazil? Today at Gadling we’re teaming up with the good folks at and taking a closer look at travel and its impact on the environment.

Among the myriad topics, we’ll peer at the issue from from the pilot’s perspective, through the photographer’s lens of nature shots and from the traveler’s point of view from eco-friendly destinations, in summation giving you a better look at the modern landscape now known as green travel.

Through these narratives we hope to raise your awareness in eco-friendly travel, the impact of your role in the industry and what it ultimately means towards the environment. We hope you like it.