SkyMall Monday: Reader Favorite

Kia ora from New Zealand. I’m in the Southern Hemisphere for the fourth time this year since Spring is better than Fall and I wanted to miss the first sign of snow in New York City. I also wanted to take a long trip to maximize my time with the new SkyMall catalog (more on that later). While I may be away, I have been monitoring last week’s SkyMall Monday reader poll very closely. I was flattered, humbled and honored at the outpouring of responses. It’s been a thrilling ride over the last twelve months as I’ve explored the nooks and crannies of the Skymall catalog and I’m glad that you’ve enjoyed it so much. The competition was fierce and people had strong opinions about which SkyMall Monday was their favorite. It was a good, clean fight and in the end, I think we were the biggest winner. I mean, SkyMall has solved all the problems that we never knew we had! That said, I was a tad surprised by the results of the poll. I expected a much closer competition, but instead we had a very decisive winner. So, what was your favorite SkyMall Monday of the feature’s first year?Well, if the picture above hasn’t tipped you off by now, you may want to consider wearing a helmet when you’re out in public. Ladies and gentleman, the reader’s choice for favorite SkyMall Monday is the SkyRest Travel Pillow!

Almost 300 of you voted and nearly 35% of you preferred the subtle comfort of the SkyRest Travel Pillow. The Cruzin Cooler placed second, followed by the Wine Glass Holder Necklace, Double Umbrella and Baseball Bat Pepper Grinder. If I was a betting man (and I’m not ever since I lost an eye gambling on Canadian elk wrestling), I would have put my money on the Wine Glass Holder Necklace. That innovative product holds the distinction of being the only SkyMall item that my stepmother has banned me from purchasing for her as a gift. But your choice makes sense: this is a travel blog and the SkyRest Travel Pillow is clearly the most sensible and convenient way to fly, sleep and be a massive douchebag with minimal effort.

More than 200 readers commented on last week’s post and entered to win the $100 SkyMall gift card. One lucky contestant will be notified this week that his or her prize is on the way. I hope they will use its power for good and let us know what problem was solved by our favorite catalog. I’ll keep you posted.

And, to celebrate the SkyRest Travel Pillow’s overwhelming victory, I am now prepared to make a very special announcement right here in SkyMall Monday. I am going to honor your selection by purchasing one SkyRest Travel Pillow for myself and giving it a proper test run and review which I will then share with you. I’ll even make sure to use it while in an aisle seat to properly utilize its bathroom-blocking abilities. Stay tuned for that after allowing 4-6 weeks for delivery!

It’s been a great first year and we have much to look forward to over the coming weeks and month. But first, I’ll be diving into the brand new Holiday 2009 SkyMall catalog looking for my favorite new addition. Check back next week when I’ll be back in the States and prepared to share my choice for best new SkyMall product.

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