A closer look at Vintage America

Vintage America. It’s a concept that many are familiar with but that few are experts on. Plugging the topic into Google brings up dozens of hits on a Nine West marketing campaign featuring faux fur boots and interlock stud belts — not quite the dusty old streets and aging neighborhoods that the traveler has in mind.

Today, Gadling is becoming the experts. Our nation is rife with history, culture and depth, thousands of small towns across the country relics from the industrial revolution, the gold rush, manifest destiny. Textile mills have risen and fallen the the Northeast, steel through the Midwest and logging through the Northwest, each boom brining a small fury of growth, prosperity and small facet of American history.

Today we’ll be taking a ride through a few vintage corners of our American lives, roaming through film, photography and more than a few destinations along the way. It should be a great old-school journey through a country that once was and in many cases, still can be. We hope you enjoy it.