So, you think you’re tough? How about a vertical marathon?

You may be able to run 26 miles, but can you climb 73 stories? Singapore’s Swissötel is holding its annual vertical marathon next month to, once again, test human strength and endurance.

On November 22, 1,600 stair masters from across the world will gather in Singapore to race up 73 stories of glory. This year’s race will include 12 of Singapore’s top youth athletes as competitors, and there is an assortment of age and gender groupings for you to try and conquer.

1,336 steps. I don’t even do that on a gym machine. The world record is currently held by German stair climber Thomas Dold, who made it to the top in 6 minutes and 52 seconds in 2008.

There’s also a little something new this year:

“A brand-new category called the Lovebirds’ Challenge will witness more than 80 pairs of lovers taking their relationships to unexplored new heights, with potential marriage proposals awaiting atop the helipad, upon completion of the vertical race.”

Would you climb 73 stories to get someone to marry you? That’s love.

Adding insult to injury, the run takes place at 7:00 AM (but don’t worry, that’s 7 PM in New York). Click here for more information.