Free Gogo inflight Internet for first timers on Airtran

AirTran is one of two airlines in the world with fleet-wide Internet access. The service is provided by the Gogo inflight service, and normally sells for as low as $5.95 (on flights up to an hour and a half).

If you have never used the service, you can get your first session for free by using promotion code airtrantrygogo.

This promotion runs until the end of the year, and is a great way to experience how convenient (and entertaining) it can be to spend your time in the air by doing the same useless stuff you do on the ground (unless of course you plan to get some real work done).

While you are online you’ll even be able to listen to XM satellite radio, another perk of flying AirTran. When you are up in the air, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter!