Travel-themed Halloween costume idea #1: Cruiser(s)

Got the travel bug and want to express it this Halloween? Following is the first of several travel stereotypes you can use for costumes.

Cruiser: Let’s start from the top down. Hair dye works well for the ladies; try for a blue-gray. If there are two of you, matching sweatsuits are an option, or consider dressing up as though it’s formal night. Make sure to toss a pass card (such as the Princess Captain’s Circle Membership card) so that folks don’t mistake you for prom dates, and also so they recognize your elite status.

If you take the casual route, throw a fanny pack around your waist and a camera around your neck. Socks and sandals are also a nice touch.

Carry a strawberry daiquiri and make sure you complain loudly about how stuffed you are from all the food you’ve been eating at the buffet.