Travel-themed Halloween costume idea #2: Sex tourist and prostitute

Got the travel bug and want to express it this Halloween? Following is the second of several travel stereotypes you can use for costumes.

Sex tourist and prostitute: It ain’t politically correct, but if you’ve spent any time in Thailand you know it’s something you just can’t avoid seeing. This costume really works best for couples; guys should go as a stereotypical tourist (read my tips for a “cruiser” costume). A sunburned face also adds authenticity. For maximum creepiness, dye your hair white, slather on some fake tanning lotion, and throw a gold chain around your neck. The older the male, the younger the prostitute should look.

Ladies, general “hooker” attire is all that’s needed, plus a long black wig. Make sure to cling to you man. Two prostitutes, one on either side, and a dazed goofy grin on the guy is another take on this politically-incorrect costume.