German pilot dumped, lives in Brazilian airport for two weeks

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Breakups are tough, but we always seem to get through them. Whether it’s strip clubs or buckets of ice cream, there are plenty of coping mechanisms. The latest is to move into an airport. I don’t know how this makes you feel better, but it seems to be working for a German tourist. Heinz Muller, a former pilot, was dumped by a Brazilian girl he met on the internet and subsequently hung out in the Campinas airport — about an hour from Sao Paulo — until he was finally removed Thursday. Muller was taken to a hospital for psychological testing. Big shock, right?

By the time he was … ummmm … evicted from the airport, Muller had run out of money. Broke and unwilling to say when he planned to leave, he subsisted on food court meals bought for him by airport employees. They had no plans to boot him, since he was in the country legally, but doctors decided he needed a closer look. Muller resisted slightly, but the authorities didn’t need to use force.

Muller’s been in the country all month. He arrived in Rio de Janeiro on October 2, 2009. Only 13 days of this time, however, was spent living in the Campinas airport. He washed himself in the airport’s bathrooms and slept on chairs. This must have become pretty tedious — the airport only has one terminal.

To pass the time, Muller plucked away at his laptop, which was placed on a luggage cart. Looking for a new girlfriend reason to stay in the country, maybe?