How to sneak a third bag onto a plane

We all try to travel light and avoid those pesky baggage-check fees, but it can be difficult to cram all your goods into your suitcase and “small personal item” (which, for most people I know, has become a pretty big bag). So, when I received a SCOTTEVEST/SeV jacket to try, my hope was that it would be the ultimate, wearable, third carry-on of which I’ve been dreaming.

The “technology-enabled clothing” from has a lot of secret pockets, from attractive casual men’s shirts with 3 hidden compartments to superjackets like the Scott Jordan Signature System combo (which our own Scott reviewed last September here), which features a fleece and jacket with a total of 52 pockets, many of them specific to particular items like water bottles or pens, and a patented “Personal Area Network for earbud wire management.” The jackets also have a “Weight Management System” which helps distribute the weight of all your worldly belongings evenly on your shoulders.

You probably have the same question I did: “How much can it really carry?” Not only could this jacket potentially save you money at the bag check, but it could also mean no more carrying a bag (or dreaded fanny pack) while sight-seeing, or even replace a backpack on a hike.

I decided to test out the 18-pocket, $120 SCOTTEVEST Women’s Essential Travel Jacket by attempting to load everything from my gigantic handbag into it (thus freeing up my hands for a whole other “small personal item”). Check out my findings in the gallery below.