Daily gear deals – 74 cent iPod FM Transmitter, $90 HD Camcorder and more

Here are the hottest gear deals for today, Sunday November 8th 2009. Remember, these deals are often valid for just one day, so act fast before they are gone.

Today’s first deal is for a Griffin iTrip nano FM Transmitter. It is designed for the Apple iPod Nano and is on sale for just 74 cents. Shipping is $4.49. Click here for this deal.

Next up is the Creative Vado HD pocket digital camcorder. This HD camera records on its internal 8GB memory and comes with an HDMI Cable and built in USB connector. On sale for just $89.99, with free shipping. Click here for this deal.

If you regularly find yourself with a dead iPod or iPhone, then check out this $6.99 backup battery pack. It plugs into the dock connector of your player and can be recharged using your current iPod charger. Click here for this deal.

And finally in today’s lineup, if you are interested in dumping your books and going digital, then check out the refurbished Amazon Kindle. It’ll save a bit off the price of a new unit, and still comes with the same warranty as a brand new one. On sale for $219.99. Click here for this deal.