Cool contest for a free trip to Amsterdam

The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Lloyd Hotel (pictured) have teamed up to bring one lucky winner (and a buddy) to Amsterdam for free — well, almost free.

This contest is about sacrifice: they want to know what you would give for a trip to Amsterdam … literally. To enter, visit Holland’s Facebook page and “submit a photo and brief description of something you are willing to trade in return for the trip — a prized possession that invokes the conceptual, almost art-like spirit of Dutch design.”

So, what’s free airfare, a three night stay (breakfast included), and a free dinner worth to you? A bicycle? Your remote control? That mug your niece made you in pottery class? Choose wisely; the winner’s object will be displayed at Lloyd Hotel.

You have until December 7 to enter. Just snap a photo of what you’d trade and upload it — what have you got to lose?