Gadling gear review – Moshi voice control travel alarm clock

Let me open by admitting that I have a hard time dealing with hotel alarm clocks. I’ve never come across one that was really easy to operate, and every time I program its alarm, I’ll set my phone alarm as a backup, because I just never know if it’ll work correctly.

In this Gadling gear review, I’ll show you the cure for the crappy hotel alarm clock. The Moshi voice control travel alarm clock does exactly what the name implies – it allows you to program its various setting with your voice. The voice recognition is absolutely amazing, and during my tests, it never once let me down. The clock itself is very compact, and is the perfect size for popping in your travel bag. The display features a backlight, and only turns on when you press the snooze/light button. It has three different alarm tones, a volume setting and manual time controls for when Moshi can’t understand you

Next to the snooze button is the voice recognition button. To program Moshi, you simply press this button, and speak your command. She understands everything from “alarm on” to “set time” and even “temperature”. Setting an alarm is as simple as telling Moshi the time you want her to wake you. I’ve included a brief video clip of how to operate Moshi, which will give you a better idea of how well this travel alarm clock works.

One of the smartest features on the Moshi travel alarm clock is the keylock button – this allows you to block access to all the keys, which is perfect when you put it in your bag as it’ll prevent you from changing any of the settings when you travel. Best of all, the Moshi voice control travel alarm clock only costs $24.99. It is available directly from Moshi in white, black, pink and blue.