Great coffee shops around the world: What makes a great one anyway?

Hank Leukart, while savoring blueberry pie and a cup of chai at the University of Zoka in Seattle proclaimed it the best coffee shop in the world. As what happens when one proclaims something the best in the world, he immediately began to wonder if he overshot by his gushing. What does he know anyway? After all, had he been in every coffee shop in the world? Of course not, but he has been to a few.

In his essay, “searching for the best coffee shop: a lifelong quest for caffeine nirvana” on his blog without baggage, Leukart extols on the virtues of several coffee shops in various parts of the world. Read his essay and you’ll have visited through his eyes several coffee shops that range from Afro Cafe in Cape Town, South Africa to Latte Da in Lee Vining near the east entrance of Yosemite.

To make it to the best coffee shop list,according to Leukart, there are seven attributes a great coffee shop must have:

  1. great coffee
  2. great tea/Chai,
  3. comfortable seats for relaxing and intermingling
  4. a full menu of good food
  5. free Internet access
  6. laptop outlets
  7. an unlocked bathroom

My current favorite coffee shop is the Crimson Cup in the Clintonville section of Columbus, Ohio. It doesn’t have a full menu, but it has all the other attributes. Although there isn’t a full menu, the eats are fresh baked and awesome, particularly the offerings from Pattycake Bakery that specializes in vegan treats.

For anyone in need of a caffeine fix, check out the side bar that accompanies Leukart’s article. He has several suggestions.

By the way, Leukart doesn’t drink coffee. He’s a fan of chai. I love chai, but have yet to find a coffee shop that serves it unsweetened.